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Data Reporting On Demand

We are a goal-orientated marketing agency. Our customer satisfaction is in meeting your goals. We have all the stat reports you can ask for. Need a more personalized one? Just let us know during your consultation, and we’ll make sure to fulfill your personalized needs.

Dedicated 1 on 1 Marketing Manager

We prefer that you are engaged in all the creative decisions. Bring us your vision, and let us worry about working with complicated systems and algorithms, leaving you to focus on your company’s more dire needs.

1 - 3  Days Turn Around Time

We don't spend time delegating tasks and waiting on third-party companies to complete tasks for us. When you hire Melleka Marketing LLC, your Marketing Manager is there to complete most tasks within 1-3 days!

Unparalleled Reach.
Impeccable Results.

When you hire Melleka Marketing, you're not just hiring another Digital Marketing Agency. We work one on one with our clients to ensure premium service and optimal results. We don't just create the ads or the website for you; we become a part of your business and everyday operations! We learn and evolve with your company! 

Digital Marketing is all about spreading your brand, service, or product across the internet! Billboards reach a couple thousand for 3K+ initial investment. With Digital Marketing, you can reach thousands and much more for a lower cost! We have proof to demonstrate digital marketing will lead to more business growth! Let us help you reach a larger audience in a shorter amount of time! 

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

Meet The Founder


Anthony Melleka

Shortly after starting “Melleka Marketing,” I have had the opportunity of helping over 26 different companies grow their online presence and counting! 
In my field, I have 12 certifications and over 5+ years of experience. My clients trust me to power their digital marketing. My 5-star reviews across all platforms prove that is exactly what I do!

My marketing journey started back when Google approached me to become their sales manager for the Los Angeles district and help expose their new products to the market. My experience encouraged me to begin a side project named “Buzz Nest Media,” a Digital Marketing Agency. 
In a short 9 months, the company grew to +55K in profit and a large runway. Although I was doing great in digital marketing, I knew there was more I needed to learn, and 1 year later, I was hired by one of the largest data companies in the USA.


While there, I learned about data aggregating, Data analytics, and the many ways we can use data to power our marketing! The company was great, and with the new set of skills I learned, I knew it was ready to embark on a new journey, and that’s when I started Melleka Marketing! 

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    Every month
    Get up to 12 hours a month of work completed
  • Personal Marketer +

    Every month
    Get up to 25 hours a month of work completed
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