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How it Works

When hiring Melleka Marketing, you are essentially hiring a remote marketing department for a flat fee of $887 a month. Just like a retainer fee you would pay your accountants or lawyers. For the $887 we are your personal marketing department dedicating up to 12 hours of work.


The Set Up

The moment you subscribe to our services you will receive a welcome emailed titled "Welcome Aboard". From there you will be given a form to fill out with all the tasks you have in mind (if you don't know what you want yet don't worry! Leave it blank) and a link to schedule a kick off call at your earliest convenience 


The Launch

Within 1-2 days of our initial meeting we will begin working and launching what we have discussed. You may ask for an update anytime and intervene with task changes or some news about your business. Our lines of communication are open to our clients 24/7 to ensure our clients get the best service possible


The Upkeep

As we move closer to the goals we have set up, we will continue to monitor current marketing strategies and as we reach our targets we set new higher ones. We want to earn your business every month and that is why there is no contract. Our goal is to continue improving your business while simultaneously communicating with you and handling other tasks assigned by you in tandem with our big goals

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