Metaverse Marketing

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We Will Place Your Brand Image All Over The Meta Verse & Attract Live Users

Real Estate

We Will Make A Room Dedicated To You and Buy 1 Property With Your Logo


We Will Work With Your Designer or Have Our Team Design Every Aspect

(at no extra charge)


We Will Help and Aid Your Team To Better Understand The Future and All The Business Opportunities


Live Visitors

Most ads are not viewed and taken immediate action upon, that is unless you see a billboard you love and have your phone near you, nowadays, your ad will be seen by users in real-time

Insane Coverage

Since this is a new territory the competition is thin and your ad will be one of the primary ads being seen

Real People

Metaverse sounds like some mythical land, and indeed it is, however the people who inhabit this world are real and can be your next customer or client

New & Innovative

The metaverse is always evolving and allows us to develop new and exciting ways to interact with your customers

Custom Ads

We have the power to control the ads that we present - you can send us your favorite PNG or JPG ad or we will create one on your behalf 


We will provide analytics to show you the growth of your company by using our services and the MetaVerse


Data Reporting On Demand

We are a goal-orientated marketing agency. Our customer satisfaction is in meeting your goals. We have all the stat reports you can ask for. Need a more personalized one? Just let us know during your consultation, and we’ll make sure to fulfill your personalized needs.

Dedicated 1 on 1 Marketing Manager

We prefer that you are engaged in all the creative decisions. Bring us your vision, and let us worry about working with complicated systems and algorithms, leaving you to focus on your company’s more dire needs.

1 - 3  Days Turn Around Time

We don't spend time delegating tasks and waiting on third-party companies to complete tasks for us. When you hire Melleka Marketing LLC, your Marketing Manager is there to complete most tasks within 1-3 days!

Unparalleled Reach.
Impeccable Results.

When you hire Melleka Marketing, you're not just hiring another Digital Marketing Agency. We work one on one with our clients to ensure premium service and optimal results. We don't just create the ads or the website for you; we become a part of your business and everyday operations! We learn and evolve with your company!