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A powerful website is really the key to good marketing. Not only will you be showcasing your business, but with our layouts, we ensure you’ll also be able to track client data, and re-use it to better target your audience in future projects. Did we mention that we create your site in conjunction with search results for google and Facebook. Marketing doesn’t get easier than this.


When entering your company or related brands in a search engine, the goal is to make it on the search engine’s first page. That’s how you attain a wider reach. That's where SEO comes in, good SEO tells Google what your website is all about and indexes your website to be one of the first in the search results.


Need to grow your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn? We can help! We’ll create content & post it for you! We also have our own SAFE & SECURE bot that will grow your Instagram or Facebook at an exponentially faster rate! With an increase of  200+ audience engagements a day.


Get your brand/business out there! Let thousands of people see your brand with Ads. Follow interested buyers everywhere they go! Here at Melleka Marketing, we don't just create standardized one-shot ads to be recycled and reused. We’re constantly updating your ads to ensure the lowest CPC/CPL compared to your competitors.


Your logo is one of the most important parts of creating your brand. Not only is it the face of your company, but through repetition, it will also become your identity through familiarity. A logo becomes the connection between what your company is and its built-up reputation in the community.


With today's technology, there are many innovative ways for us to track data. Being a goal ordinated marketing agency our customer satisfaction is in meeting your objectives. We have all the data and analytics you can possibly ask for. Need a more customized report? Just let us know during your consultation and we’ll make sure to fulfill your personalized needs.


Email campaigns are the heart of communication. Whether it be an automated email that is sent out to your site visitors or a regular newsletter update, we specialize in creating engaging email marketing campaigns that land in inboxes and not spam, ensuring higher open rates. In addition, we provide your company with segmented analytics to further leverage your marketing strategy.

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